Prayer Request Wall

If you have a prayer request, this will be the place that you will post it. You will POST YOUR PRAYER REQUESTS BELOW WHERE IT SAYS POST A COMMENT.  I realize that it may be a little work to post things on here and that you might have to log in to do it. If it is easier you can also put prayer requests on the Spiritual Spackle Prayer Wall page on Facebook.

That said, I would like your prayer requests posted here on this page. That is where I will be having "prayer warriors" looking and praying. I have a group of people who are going to pray for the requests that are put on here. The "prayer warriors" I have praying are people who feel that God has called them to approach Him in prayer on the behalf of others (called intercessory prayer). It is my hope that this page and the community posting/praying on here will not just help those in need get prayers answered, but also ignite us all with a passion for prayer!

P.S. - I would like for you to let us know when your prayers have been answered or when prayer is no longer needed so that we can have those praying focus on where the prayer is needed.

Thank you! May your journey in life be blessed, not with an easy path, but with the path that God intends for you to walk. Life may not always go how we want it to, but it always goes how it is supposed to (whether we like/understand it or not).